Standard SkyPoly (MultiWall)

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Product Description

Other Names: Multi-wall Polycarbonate, Twinwall, Polygal  

Common Applications: Patio / pergola covers, partitions, skylights 

Pros: Blocks Heat, Keeps rain out, 10-year warranty 

Standard SkyPoly (MultiWall) Overview

Product Details

Polygal (multiwall polycarbonate) is our best-selling residential and light commercial patio / pergola cover. The transparent material keeps rain out while still allowing you to enjoy natural light. Plus, it is designed to block harmful UV rays which not only keeps you cooler, but it also protects your stained wood and furniture.  

The material is lightweight and easy to install. Once it’s in place, Polygal requires less maintenance than similar products, and the standard 10-year warranty insures that your material will stay looking great for years without yellowing or brittling.    

Polygal is also used in a variety of other applications: 

  • Greenhouses 
  • Privacy screens 
  • Indoor/outdoor dividers 
  • Lighting fixtures 
  • Commercial roofing  

    Standard Polygal is 100% recyclable and contributes to LEED certification. We keep 24’ sheets in stock and have the ability to custom order longer sheets to give your project a seamless finish.  

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