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When it comes to outdoor living products and services, we are most well-known for our patio / pergola covers. The multiwall polycarbonate systems are transparent yet durable. They provide a long-term patio cover that lets light in, keeps rain out, and provides UV protection. What customers may not realize that we have the material and capabilities for a huge range of outdoor living applications. We keep sheets in stock that will not chip, peel, or fade even with the most extreme of outdoor conditions. With plastic’s moisture resistance, durability, and options for UV protection, it’s made to last even with extreme summer sunshine and poolside moisture. Customers love that they can pick from a huge range of colors and textures. We even have material that mimics wood, stone, and metal, but unlike those materials, plastic will not warp, corrode, or need repainting. Plus, it’s easy to fabricate and install, so you can have the outdoor kitchen or greenhouse you have always wanted.

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Regal recycled 82,146 lbs. of plastic.

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