PETG Clear Plastic Sheets

PETG Clear Plastic Sheets
PETG, or polyethylene terephthalate glycol, is a thinner alternative to acyrlic and polycarbonate sheets. PETG is a cost effective and FDA compliant thermoformable plastic. Thanks to its clarity, strength, and excellent thermoforming characteristics, PETG is a favorite choice for custom fabrication needs. This material excels in applications requiring screen printing and signage.

  • Common Names: PETG, PET-G, Vivak PETG, Spectar PETG

  • Pros: Impact resistant, Good clarity, Chemical Resistance

  • Popular Applications: Face Shields, Signs, POP displays

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    Thanks to its clarity, strength, excellent thermoforming characteristics, PETG is a favorite choice for custom fabrication needs. It excels with applications that require screen printing. It is less brittle than acrylic and a more economical alternative to polycarbonate. PETG is an excellent option for many applications including: 

    • Face Shields
    • Signs  
    • Digital printing  
    • 3D printing  
    • Point of Purchase displays  
    • Thermoformed trays 

    Many of our clients in the printing and event industry rely on PETG for their signage and point of purchase display applications. Additionally, we supply several Digital and 3D Printing companies with PETG for their products. 

    PETG is available in thinner gauge sheets than both acrylic and polycarbonate. It can save money and overall weight on projects applications that can use an ultra-thin thicknessIn comparison to acrylic, PETG has a higher impact resistance but is less rigid and scratch resistant. When compared to polycarbonate, PETG is more cost effective, has higher rigidity, and is more UV stable, but it will be less impact resistant.   

    Due to the recent events related to the Coronavirus, PETG has become the most popular choice for protective face shields. 

    PETG Technical Properties


    Test Method


    Specific Gravity

    ASTM D-792


    Rockwell Hardness (R Scale)

    ASTM D-785


    Tensile Modulus

    ASTM D-638

    320,000 psi

    Tensile Strength

    ASTM D-638

    7,700 psi

    Flexural Modulus

    ASTM D-790

    310,000 psi

    Flexural Strength

    ASTM D-790

    11,200 psi

    Izod Impact (Notched) 72°F

    ASTM D-256

    1.7 ft-lbs/in

    Izod Impact (Notched) -20°F

    ASTM D-256

    0.7 ft-lbs/in

    Heat Deflection Temperature (@66 psi)

    ASTM D-648

    165 °F


    UL 94-HB

    Passes at >0.010”


    UL 94-V2

    Passes at >0.118"

    Additional Information

    Additional Information

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