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Phenolic Plastic - Sheets & Laminates

Phenolic Laminated Sheets

Phenolic Laminates are created using heat and pressure to combine a mixture of synthetic thermosetting resin with layers of paper, glass cloth, linen or canvas. The chemical reaction that bonds these layers is called polymerization, which transforms the seperate layers into a phenolic plastic laminate which cannot be softened again. The resulting phenolic plastic product is a dense homogeneous material that is easy to saw, drill, tap, and machine with ordinary tools.

Phenolic plastics & laminates have excellent electrical properties, high physical strength and resiliancy in a wide range of applications.

Regal Plastics supplies both Mechanical and Electrical grades of phenolic plastic and are most commonly used as electrical components such as: insulating washers, spacers, punch parts, terminal boards, etc. Available in phenolic sheet, rod and tube.

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