Accent Walls / Partitions

Design Your Work Environment

How do you design a pleasant work environment that lets light flow through the office? With plastics of course! Our fabrication specialists work with homeowners, architects, designers, and contractors. Regal works with hand-drawn sketches, detailed drawings, and everything in between to create the wall or partition you envision. Our plastics can help create the look, texture and feel you want for your home or business. Customers commonly purchase our material for:

  • Interior room dividers
  • Cubicle dividers
  • Interior accent walls
  • Privacy screens for studio apartments, small spaces and bathrooms

Why Choose Plastic?

Most of the plastic materials are transparent or translucent, allowing natural light to filter through the wall, reducing the need for artificial light and also producing decorative lighting effects based on the color and opacity of the wall. We can pre-manufacture most walls so they are ready for installation by your contractor. Regal Plastics custom fabricated accent walls and partitions provide a decorative addition to your office or commercial building that will continue to retain its appearance even in high-traffic or outdoor environments. Plastic is easy to clean and requires virtually no maintenance.

What Materials Can you Choose From?

Our custom fabricated walls are manufactured in a wide range of plastics. Most plastic architectural installations utilize standard acrylic, decorative acrylics, or polygal. This gives you a wide range of colors, thicknesses, and textures to choose the perfect plastic for your project. Our fabrication department is ready to help whether it be a simple straight cut or an elaborate CNC machined design. Call today to see how we can enhance your space.