Acrylic Mirrors

Regal Plastics offers durable, shatter resistant plastic mirror, the best alternative to traditional glass mirrors. The versatility of the acrylic mirror comes from its impact strength—17 times that of an equally thick glass mirror—and lightweight properties—half the weight of its glass replica, which leads to much easier, safer, and simpler handling. Plus, it comes in wide range of colors and textures to fit any design need.

Regal Plastics has available both Acrylic and Polycarbonate Mirrors. Regal’s acrylic mirrors are optimal for use in high-traffic areas such as gyms and play areas, in-school spaces like lockers and bathrooms, and detention centers where the fog-proof, moisture resistant, and shatter resistant benefits of an acrylic mirror are required. Additionally, it is easily and safely sawed and drilled, can be cut into customized shapes for specific purposes, and installed in a wide variety of situations.

To learn more about recommended installation techniques or specifications such as colors, thickness, sheet size, etc., call or email our team of plastic specialists today.

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