Multi-Wall Roofing

Our multiwall systems that cover residential patios and pergolas are some of our top selling items, but did you know we stock material to cover small to large span commercial structures? It has the ability to withstand wind and snow loads while remaining a leak-proof roofing option.  

Why Pick Plastic? 

Plastic, specifically multi-wall polycarbonate is a brilliant solution to so many roofing needs.  Delivering high impact resistance, UV protection, temperature regulation, and protection from the elements, multi-wall polycarbonate is the answer to a huge variety of roofing needs that traditional materials fell short trying to solve:  

  • Restaurant Patio Covers  
  • Awnings  
  • Green Houses 
  • Outdoor Sporting Venues  
  • Outdoor Walkways  
  • Carports  
  • Pool Covers 

We take pride in the materials and solutions we can provide, but we take special pride in our Multi-wall Polycarbonate because of how unique it is. If you have an outdoor roofing application that needs the perfect solution, contact us. We have an onsite architectural specialist that can help with your commercial project.  

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