Acrylic Glazing Sheets

For 98% of window applications, glass is still your best option. We are here to help with niche 2% of glazing projects that acrylic and polycarbonate are required or the better option.

When to Pick Plastic 

When should you use plastic instead of glass? Here are the three most common reasons that customers choose acrylic and polycarbonate over glass.

Increased Impact Resistance: 

Acrylic can be up to twenty times more impact resistant than glass of the same thickness, and polycarbonate can be up to two hundred times more impact resistant than glass of the same thickness. Both materials are shatter resistant and available with a scratch resistant option. For glazing applications, these materials are most often spec’d for facilities that require high impact resistance for safety and security like:

  • Schools
  • Mental Health Facilities
  • Prisons

Custom cuts and curves 

Both acrylic and polycarbonate are easy to cut with conventional tools on site with significantly less chance of cracking or shattering. This makes it much easier to get custom shapes just right. The sheets can also be bent to fit curved applications.

Weight Concern

Both acrylic and polycarbonate have higher impact resistance when compared to glass of the same thickness. This allows you to use a thinner gauge material to get the same strength. This reduces weight and saves money. There are even options in both materials with degrees of ballistic resistance, meaning there are plastic options to replace bullet-resistant glass!

In-House Fabrication 

We work closely with home owners, property management groups, glass companies, and contractors to supply a robust variety of acrylics and polycarbonates.  We also offer custom fabrication services to help tackle just about any type of unique window glazing needs such as:

  • Windows (Curve and Custom Shapes)
  • Colored Acrylic Windows
  • Automotive Windows
  • Bullet Resistant and Ballistic Resistant Windows
  • Atrium and Enclosed Porch Windows

We offer custom fabrication services:

  •  Windows (Curve and Custom Shapes) 
  • Colored Acrylic Windows 
  • Automotive Windows  
  • Bullet Resistant and Ballistic Resistant Windows 
  • Atrium and Enclosed Porch Windows  

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