Fluid Handling and Chemical Tanks

Custom plastic tanks are a great option for chemical and fluid handling. The high chemical and moisture resistance ensure that the tank will be easy to clean and will not contaminate or react with its contents. FDA approved options are available for use with potable water storage and food handling.

 Plastics like polypropylene, polyethylene, and PTFE have a high strength to weight ratio. This can not only weight but costs as well. The materials’ low coefficient of friction and no electrical conductivity make plastics a great option for metal plating and applications including:  

  • Dip Tank
  • Rinse Tank
  • Electroplating Tank
  • General Plating Tanks
  • Soaking Tank
  • Sanitizing Station
  • Pickling Tank
  • Anodizing Tank
  • Storage Tanks
  • Open Top Tanks
  • Dip Baskets

Our welding specialist build tanks to your specifications.  To ensure your operation stays up and running, we offer onsite visits, installation, and repair.