Clear Wine Spaces

Let your wine be the star with our custom wine spaces.Our clear acrylic (plexiglass) displays and storage offer a clean, modern take on traditional wood cellars and racks. Your wine bottles will appear as if they are floating, creating a uniqe, artistic effect that only clear acrylic can offer. Plus, you'll be able to see every label. When customers and guests walk into your Clear Wine Space, they'll be able to see your wine collection, instead of being distracted by heavy wood displays. 

In addition to large wine room and cellar installations in both residentail and commercial spaces, we also custom fabricate: 

  • Wine Bar / Table
  • Countertop Wine Rack
  • Wall Mounted Wine Rack
  • Floating Shelves
  • Small built – in Wine Rack
  • Stand Alone Wine Rack
  • Custom Cork Display
  • Custom Bar Carts
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