Commercial Roofing

We carry a variety of multi-wall polycarbonate sheets, commonly known by the trade name Polygal. These sheets are ideal for skylights of all shapes, including domes, arches, pyramids and curtain walls.

One of the best features of Polygal is that it allows plenty of natural light into the building, saving on lighting costs and creating a more pleasant and productive atmosphere for workers. Plus, the high standard of thermal insulation provided by multi-wall sheets helps to save energy when heating and cooling the buildings. Sheets can also be treated with infra-red radiation filters to prevent overheating in the summer.

These translucent, structured sheets are lightweight which allows for wide coverage without the need for supporting beams. Polygal makes it easy to fit, repair, and construct roofs over large areas which reduce construction costs.

Check out all of the commercial roofing options we carry. If you need assistance, we have a technical specialist on site that can look over your blueprints and help you pick the best material.