Light Fixtures

Tired of the same old light lens? Decorative acrylic is a great option to upgrade any new or existing light fixtures or panels. The acrylic is lightweight, easy to install, and can be custom bent or cut to meet any requirements. Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal for function. We carry a wide range of standard and decorative acrylics that look incredible back-lit and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

If acrylic is not quite what you were looking for, have you thought about Polygal or RFX Selectogal? These transparent multi-wall polycarbonate sheets are lightweight, durable, easy to handle, and available in a variety of colors. The material is virtually unbreakable but still flexible enough to fit curved applications.

Don’t see a pattern to suit your needs? We can digitally print any pattern on acrylic to make a personalized light lens. Whether you need “Travertine” or a “Canvas Weave Pattern”, Regal has got you covered. Our custom fabrication department has the knowledge and equipment to design and build to your specifications.