Custom Plastic Machined Parts

Plastic has been replacing wood and metal components in the manufacturing industry due to its durability and longevity as it will not peel, crack, chip, or warp. It offers rigidity, high impact strength, and low friction that you just can’t get from other materials. Plus, its resistance to moisture, chemicals, and corrosion make plastic the perfect choice for a variety of applications within the manufacturing and food processing industries like:

  • Custom fabrication/prototyping
  • OEM parts
  • Bearings

If you have ever tried to replace an OEM part, you know how frustrating and expensive it can be, and there are times when the part is not available or the lead time is too long. That’s why we offer a range of plastics that can be custom fabricated to fit your replacement part specifications. We specialize in assisting customers in the prototyping phase or those that are scaling or short of mass production.

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