Plastic MRO Supplies

We love partnering with companies to provide solutions for their MRO headaches. What can we offer?  

    1. Emergency replacement parts 
      1. These can be machined to spec 
      2. We keep a variety of plastics in stock  
      3. Fast lead times! You are not waiting on overseas orders or backordered parts.  
    2. Lean initiatives and improvements 
      1. Warehouse signage 
      2. Tool carts 
      3. Work stations 
      4. Shadow boards 
    3. Corrective maintenance  
      1. Replacement of worn parts like rollers, wear parts, and conveyor solutions.  
      2. Produce extra parts – you can keep parts on-hand for quick repairs.  


Plastics are available in options to match the needs of different demanding applications. We offer plastics with increased heat resistance, impact resistance, chemical resistance, and more. Each one of our on-site fabrication departments has the ability to CNC machine. Just bring in your design or worn out part for a free quote.  

What can we offer?

  • Emergency replacement parts 
  • Lean initiatives and improvements 
  • Corrective maintenance  

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Regal recycled 82,146 lbs. of plastic.

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