Cutting Boards

Sanalite® HDPE were designed with the commercial kitchen in mind. The plastic can easily be cut into specific shapes and dimensions to fit any counter. It comes in a wide array of colors that give kitchens the option to color code the cutting board to a particular food to reduce the risk of cross contamination of food borne pathogens like E-coli.  It is commonly used in: 

  • Buffets 
  • Salad Bars 
  • Industrial Cutting Surfaces 
  • Residential Cutting Boards 
  • Commercial Cutting Boards   
  • Shelving 
  • Food Stations 
  • Butcher Blocks 
  • Food Preparation Areas 
  • Food Processing Equipment 

 Sanalite is moisture resistant so it will not splinter, chip, peel, swell, rot, warp, bend, or crack. The material is also non-porous making it anti-microbial, more sanitary, and easy to clean.  Sanalite is produced with matte surface that holds the food in place without slipping and reduces damage to cutting blades so knives stay sharper longer. 


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