Office Partitions

Regal Plastics offers custom fabrication of office partitions and accent walls for commercial buildings. We specialize in fabricating unique, decorative accent walls used to separate spaces, provide privacy or add architectural decoration to a building or space. Functional architecture…

Our fabrication specialists work with business owners, architects, designers and contractors to create a partition or wall that blends function with architectural design. Whether you start with a hand-drawn sketch or architectural blueprints, Regal Plastics will create the look, texture and feel you want.

What Materials Can you Choose From?

Our custom fabricated walls are manufactured in a wide range of plastics and other materials and plastics. Most plastic architectural installations use polygal and standard or custom acrylics. We can construct walls using a combination of plastics, wood and metal, for a unique and custom design.

  • Polygal is available in over 10 colors, standard acrylic in over 20 colors and custom acrylic in unlimited colors
  • Most of the plastic materials are transparent or translucent, allowing natural light to filter through the wall, reducing the need for artificial light and also producing decorative lighting effects based on the color and opacity of the wall

We pre-manufacture most walls so they are ready for installation by your contractor. We can also install the walls on-site.

Regal Plastics custom fabricated accent walls and partitions provide a decorative addition to your office or commercial building that will continue to retain its appearance even in high-traffic or outdoor environments. Call today to see how we can enhance your space.