POP Displays

Plastics are easy to cut, CNC machine and fabricate into point of purchase displays for retail stores.  You can have that custom display to take your retail location to the next level. Our wide range of acrylic colors look great back-lit, are easy to clean, and they maintain their finish without fading, peeling, or chipping.

Have you thought about utilizing clear acrylic to display your products to where they are visible and accessible to customers? Clear acrylic shelves and bins are a professional looking way to show off your goods without overshadowing or detracting from them. Give your product the best opportunity to shine and increase your customer's’ ability to find what they are looking for.


Need something that is “eye catching”, something durable and unique – custom plastic signs make a great choice. Use plastic custom signs to create attractive and professional looking signage. We keep a wide range of acrylic, polycarbonate, and other plastics in stock to meet all of your signage needs. The customizable options don’t stop at colors! You can choose your thickness and texture. Plus we have several products that have the option for UV protection, scratch resistance, and light diffusion. Combine that with our onsite fabrication department, and you’ve got a one-stop-shop for all of your signage needs.