Security Materials

Do you need ballistic protection for your employees? Tired of having merchandise stolen? Regal has a full range of security materials available to fit your specifications including:

  • BR acrylic
  • BR Polycarbonate
  • Lexgard
  • Fiberglass

Clear acrylic and polycarbonate can be custom fabricated to fit any space, and the clarity is second to none. Protecting your employees never looked so good.

Case Study 

An electronics retail store was having problems with expensive video cameras being stolen off the shelves. They first installed some plain black doors with locks to cover the shelves. This solved the problem of theft but they could not see when their inventory was getting low.

They came to Regal Plastics where we designed a Clear Lexan™ door that provided security as well as visual display. They could see their current stock, the cameras could not be stolen and the doors could not be broken. Because they used 1/8" thick Lexan™, the doors could be "cold formed" in the sliding door's track matching the curved outline of the shelves but avoiding expensive molding of the doors. As they say in retail - Cha-ching!