Plastics for Transportation

Plastics play a special and vital role in making transportation safer and more efficient. If you’ve ever seen pictures or a video of any car manufacturing plant here in the United States, you might not have noticed all the plastic being used to make the magic happen. You’ll not only find a variety of specifically engineered plastics inside the cars we buy and rely on, but the assembly line itself is filled with plastics that line the conveyors, outfit the robotics, and store and transport vehicle components.

Plastics offer lightweight yet durable options for motor vehicles, marine craft, and airplanes. Its ability to be fabricated and thermoformed into any shape, yet remain cost-effective, allow it to replace traditionally used woods and metals. Even after the plastic is installed it continues to save money in maintenance and fuel costs.

Plastics are the lifeblood of the transportation industry and here at Regal Plastics we’re privileged to be part of contributing to the vitality of the transportation industry and its many forms.

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