Aerospace Grade Plastics

The Aerospace Industry is one the most demanding industries in the world. Plastics play a vital role in the industry by offering advantages over materials that have historically been used. Plastic offers weight reduction, chemical resistance, and robust strength-to-weight ratios. These advantages often result in better fuel efficiency and dependability. The properties of these materials along with advances in design significantly drop the price operating costs.

In-House Fabrication

In addition to distributing plastics for aerospace companies, we also have experience and a range of capabilities to make custom designs come to life. Our talented fabrication teams can help design and create applications including:

  • Electrical Housings
  • Sensor Components
  • Bushings & Bearings

In the past few years, we’ve had the pleasure of helping flight safety companies in our home state of Texas outfit their flight simulation facilities with specialty lightweight, high-impact rated plastic. This has allowed them to pivot away from using a less effective metal sheeting, saving them money and man hours.

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Going Green

Regal recycled 82,146 lbs. of plastic.

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