Marine Grade Plastics & HDPE

Whether you own your own boat or run a commercial dock, you need access to tough and durable materials that will hold up to the elements and the rigors of marine environments. Marine-grade plastics are fast becoming the primary choice over wood and metals in marine applications.

Why Pick Plastic? 

Marine Grade plastics are lighter, easier to fabricate, and engineered to resist strong UV rays from sunlight and saltwater. These plastics are water-resistant and less likely to warp, dent, or chip, and more impact resistant than the material that has traditionally been used in boating and marine applications. Unlike wood and metal, they are easy to clean and have a strong resistance to corrosion and chemicals.

In-House Fabrication 

Regal Plastics has a wealth of experience fabricating with marine-grade plastics. Working with private boat owners, commercial docks, marine tourism companies, and even law-enforcement, just to name a few, we have helped design and fabricate products including but not limited to: 

  • Hatches
  • Boat seats
  • Rails
  • Marine trim
  • Outdoor cabinets and countertops
  • Dock signage


Case Study 

Our branch in Austin Texas provides several commercial river docks with a variety of marine plastics for both their docks and their watercraft. This new generation of plastics has helped a thriving local marine tourism industry upgrade their materials affordably, allowing them to retain more profit for themselves and spend less on repairs.

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Going Green

Regal recycled 82,146 lbs. of plastic.

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