Performance plastic sheets have been the core of our business since our beginning in 1971. We provide a wide range of plastic materials for a variety of industries and applications. We strive to provide the exact plastic sheet and materials you need, when you need it. Browse our plastic materials below. 

Why Choose Plastic? 

  • Light Weight: When you compare the strength of materials that plastic can replace it is surprisingly lightweight. 

  • Strength: We supply plastics such as Acrylic BR, that are made to withstand hurricane-force winds and can even stop a bullet! 

  • Visual Aesthetic: They can have different visual qualities applied to them such as being translucent/transparent, or unique textures. 

  • Size & Shape Flexibility: Different types of plastics can be manufactured to be flexible in different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses.

  • Price: When compared to similar building or decorative materials plastic usually has a competitive price advantage 

How Can We Help?

We'd love to answer your plastic questions or quote your next project.