Hot and Cold Aisle Containment Solutions

Due to their insulation qualities and excellent flame rating, plastics play a vital role in containing and protecting server systems in data centers. It has the ability to create an environment that regulates temperature and serves as a protective barrier against potential impact and fire damage. Multiwall polycarbonate boasts a class A fire rating while maintaining excellent cooling capacity.

Companies like Google, Amazon, and E-bay, as well as many tech startups have turned to plastics including:


We keep a range of thicknesses in stock so we can offer competitive pricing and fast lead times. Our in-house fabrication department can cut to size any sheet with tight tolerances. In addition to our stocked material, we are able to source anti-static plastics or FM4910 rated materials. 

These plastics are lightweight, durable, and available in transparent/clear options. Plus, they can lower operating costs by providing increased energy efficiency. Our materials are commonly used in CACHAC for applications such as:

  • Blanking panels 
  • Structural ceilings 
  • Light space containment 
  • Partitions  
  • Enclosures 
  • Chase walls 
  • Security walls 
  • Electronic server equipment

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