Plastic Sheets for Building & Construction

Plastic sheets provide an effective lightweight durable solution and are commonly selected to replace metal and wood in building and construction applications.  These materials offer a cost-effective option that is moisture resistant, highly impact resistant, and UV stable. 

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A successful project begins with the preparation. Coroplast (corrugated or fluted polypropylene plastic) sheets are light-weight and moisture resistant making them the perfect option for temporary floors, soil retention, and anywhere else you need a durable, cost-effective barrier.  Polycarbonate and acrylic sheets are shatter resistant and can easily be cut-to-size for temporary windows.     


Concrete Solutions 

HDPE replaces wood as reveal strips for tilt-up panels. Unlike wood, HDPE is flexible and moisture resistant, so it can be used multiple times. Coroplast corrugated polypropylene sheets create a moisture resistant soil retainer when pouring concrete structures.  



Plastic material like polycarbonate, acrylic, and foam PVC have a place in structural design as well. Due to its durability and ability to be fabricated, plastic sheets are used in applications such as window well covers, skylights, smoke vents, and structural ceilings.  


We listed just a few of the most popular plastic applications in building and construction. Don’t see yours listed? Reach out, and we are happy to work with your team on a custom solution.  


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