Plastic Glazing

When it comes to glazing, we stock all of the glass substitutes you’re looking for in a large range of sizes and thicknesses. Bulk orders and oversized sheets are available. 


Impact and scratch resistant glazing is designed for locations that have increased safety or security concerns like correctional facilities, mental health facilities, hospitals, and schools.  These sheets are shatter resistant and will maintain clarity even in high-use environments. Acrylic and polycarbonate are the most popular choices for installing on curved surfaces.  

The materials are easy to cut allowing you to create custom shapes or install in hard to fit areas. Our onsitefabrication department offers CNC routing and cut-to-size services, so material can be delivered to the jobsite ready to install. 

Looking for temporary windows or hurricane shutters? We’ve got that covered too. Your customers don’t have to weather out the next hurricane in the dark. Install reusable multiwall polycarbonate shutters to allow light and keep windows protected. Businesses don’t have to stay boarded up after receiving storm damage. Temporary windows can quickly and easily be installed while waiting on insurance and material. 


Whether you’re a glass company, general contractor, or a facility who needs solutions, we’re standing by ready to help.


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