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Plastic Sheet

Plastic sheet products come in a nearly infinite variety of materials, colors, textures and properties. The selection depends on the demands of the application. Some of the more popular plastic sheet product applications include aircraft, mass transit, equipment housings, electronic equipment, exhibits & displays, mechanical products, food processing, store fixtures, kiosk housings, contract furniture, illumninated signage, protective wall coverings and more.

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ABS Plastic

Exhibits a high resistance to chemicals, moisture, and high temperatures
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Superior blend of strength, stiffness, lubricity and dimensional stability.
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Acrylic Plastic

Regal Plastics is an authorized distributor for Evonik Acrylite™ and Altuglas Plexiglas®.
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Aluminum Sheets

We offer a variety of aluminum sheet materials for many different needs.
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Extremely durable corrugated plastic sheet with excellent adhesion quality for printing
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Foam Board Products

We offer two exquisite foam board product options: Fome-Cor® and Gatorplast(TM).
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High Impact Styrene Sheets

Variety of colors, surface options, opacities, sizes, gauges, corona treatment levels, and additives.
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High Temperature Plastics

Materials that can exceed 300 °F in continuous operating temperature.
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Kydex® Plastic

Kydex® sheet is an extremely durable thermoplastic alloy.
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Excellent candidate for safety and security glazing.
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Superior blend of, strength, flame resistance, and electrical properties.
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Phenolic Plastic

Made of thermosetting resins combined with various base materials.
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Polycarbonate Plastic

Our polycarbonate products have extraordinary impact resistance and excellent electrical properties.
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Polyethylene Sheets

Our polyethylene sheets are used in a variety of applications requiring chemical resistance and/or FDA compliance.
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Designed for use in most conventional roofing and glazing applications.
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Versatility is the word that best describes our polypropylene sheets.
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PVC is one of the oldest and most developed synthetic materials that will fit the requirements for a multitude of applications.
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