Boltaron 4330 (Kydex Equivalent)

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Boltaron 4330 Thermoplastic Sheet is a highly durable thermoplastic alloy sheet, comparable to Kydex. The sheet is designed with thermoforming in mind as it maintains its wall thickness and color when thermoformed without shrinkage. Boltaron sheets display high resistance to chemical corrosion, are easy to clean, endure impact extremely well, and are fire resistant. These characteristics combine to enhance the product’s safety, in addition to its versatility.

Boltaron maintains its appearance and its performance characteristics over the long term, making it a cost effective choice for many projects. Common uses include holster, aircraft interiors, vehicle interiors, and electrical applications. Because Boltaron thermoplastic sheets can be commonly used in commercial products, they are manufactured in a complete range of colors and textures that can be customized and altered to application-specific requirements.

  • Fire Retardant Formulations
  • 9 Standard Thicknesses from .028" to .250"
  • 34 Standard Colors
  • Several Textures
  • Custom Colors, Thicknesses, and Sizes Available