PEEK Plastic

Common Names: PEEK

Pros: Extremely durable, high chemical resistance, high melting point

Popular Applications: Fabrication of bearings, compressor plate valves, pumps, piston parts,

PEEK (Poly Ether-Ether Ketone) is a high-performance thermoplastic polymer designed for demanding manufacturing or engineering applications. 

PEEK provides chemical, heat, and water resistance that make it a perfect material for fabrication of parts. It is often used to replace failing wood or metal components. It naturally friction resistant so machines are down less often for maintenance and the part lasts longer. We work with several customers that have a hard to find part, either it is only available overseas or it is no longer manufactured. PEEK’s ability to be thermoformed and CNC machined offers an alternative that is usually more cost-effective with shorter lead times.

Available in plate and rod forms.

PEEK is used in a wide variety of applications including but not limited to:

  • Commercial airliners, lightweight aircraft
  • Automotive Engine components, thrust washers, seals
  • OEM parts

If you’re looking for a strong, rigid, and extremely heat and chemical resistant material PEEK is a fantastic option.  Another material option with a high temperature resistance and similar properties is PSU(Polysulfone). If your project allows you to have a lower temperature or chemical resistance, PSU can be a more cost-effective option.  

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