PSU Polysulfone Plastic Sheet

Common Names: PSU, Polysulfone, Sustason PSU

Pros: Heat resistant, chemical resistant, flame resistant, excellent mechanical properties

Popular Applications: Electrical Insulators, Aircraft instrumentation, Food Processing

PSU(Polysulfone) is a high temperature, semi-transparent, amber colored plastic material available in sheet and rod forms. It’s ideal for applications requiring a tough material that won’t degrade under exposure to heat and certain chemicals.

PSU is chosen throughout a wide variety of industries including aerospace, medical, and food processing for its durability and resistance to moisture, chemicals, and heat. It is available in sheet and rod form as well as FDA approved grades. The high temperature and chemical resistance make it a strong option for demanding applications requiring a material to last in a high use, high impact environment. PSU is highly machinable and its unique color make parts fabricated from it easy to identify.

Like many high-performance thermoplastics PSU stands out as a premier choice for uses such as:

  • Aircraft Instrumentation
  • Medical Trays
  • Food Processing Components
  • Medical Instruments

PSU can be used as an alternative to polycarbonate and acrylic when high temperatures are a concern. Another material to consider for these applications is PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride. It is a weldable material with a high chemical resistance. Perfect for custom chemical tank liners and pump / valve components. Contact us directly for recommendations and further details.

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