Polyetherimide Sheets

Common Names: PEI, Ultem

Material Pros: Machinability, heat and chemical resistance, durability

Popular Applications: Lab Equipment, Electrical motor parts, Circuit board 

PEI, commonly referred to as Ultem, is an engineering thermoplastic known for its temperature resistance, mechanical properties, and excellent electrical properties.

PEI is most commonly used in the electrical / electronic market, aerospace industry, and automotive industry. It is unique in that it has incredible impact, flame, and chemical resistance while still maintaining its ability to be fabricated. Plus, it maintains its mechanical properties even at high temperatures. 

PEI also has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, weatherability, and UV protection making it a safe, long term solution for applications like:

  • Electrical switches and controls
  • Circuit boards
  • Electrical motor parts
  • Automotive lighting
  • Thermostat housing
  • Transmission and ignition components 

PEI is designed for highly demanding, engineering applications. Check out our other high-temperature plastics if you need a more cost-effective product with improved color ability.

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