Polycarbonate Sheets

Lightweight and economical, polycarbonate sheets are used in many applications requiring high impact strength and outstanding thermal efficiency. Plastic polycarbonate sheets are found in products like bullet-proof glass, car headlamp lenses, glazing and roofing. A polycarbonate plastic sheet offers excellent machinability. Designers and manufacturers prize polycarbonate sheets for their toughness, stiffness and excellent dimensional stability. When you want a transparent, heat-resistant plastic sheet, polycarbonate is the way to go. Industry leaders trust Regal Plastics as their polycarbonate plastic sheet supplier of choice. We offer polycarbonate in a broad array of thicknesses to match your requirements — find yours now.

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You can trust Regal Plastics for your polycarbonate sheet needs. We have the expertise and knowledge to deliver the solution you're looking for. The experts at Regal Plastics understand your concerns and can help identify the best polycarbonate sheet plastic for your application. Request a quote today and take advantage of everything we offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Polycarbonate Sheets

As a leader among polycarbonate sheet distributors, Regal Plastics is uniquely situated to provide the answers you need. Read the questions below to learn more and be sure to contact us with any questions.

What Thicknesses of Polycarbonate Sheets Do You Offer?

What Dimensions of Polycarbonate Sheets Are Available?

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What Other Services Does Regal Plastics Provide?

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Plastic Polycarbonate Sheets That Meet Your Needs

Regal Plastics has a wide range of plastic polycarbonate sheets to meet your specific requirements.

Our comprehensive collection includes general-purpose and sign-grade options, as well as sheets of polycarbonate that resist scratches, bullets and fire. We also have polycarbonate film.

Polycarbonate is perfect for a variety of industries, such as:

  • Security and anti-theft
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Aircraft

Polycarbonate Sheet Plastic with the Properties You Need

Polycarbonate sheet plastic's properties make it suitable for a broad array of industries. It offers excellent machinability, outstanding thermal efficiency and high impact resistance. If you need stiffness, toughness or excellent dimensional stability, a polycarbonate plastic sheet is a great option.

When you select scratch- or fire-resistant polycarbonate, you can take advantage of other great characteristics like abrasion resistance and compliance with industry flammability codes. Bullet-resistant laminates maintain their clarity despite repeated impacts.

Polycarbonate Plastic Sheet: The Right Choice

For certain applications, polycarbonate sheets offer significant advantages over other materials like acrylic and glass. Although it has similar characteristics to acrylic, polycarbonate provides more strength and can accommodate a broader range of temperatures. It's appropriate for applications where temperature fluctuations are a concern.

While polycarbonate is half the weight of glass, it has 250 times the impact resistance. It also offers exceptional clarity and transmits light better than many types of glass. Plus, polycarbonate is easier to machine, handle and install. It can be cold-formed or cut at room temperature on site without breaking or cracking.

Strength and durability are key advantages of polycarbonate sheets. Known for their ability to withstand impacts, they're excellent for applications where safety is a concern, such as in security glazing, machine guards and protective shields.

Polycarbonate is also highly heat-resistant, with a high melting point and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. This makes it well-suited for high-temperature applications, such as electrical components, LED lighting, and automotive parts.

Because of its advantages, polycarbonate is often the material of choice for applications like:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Appliances
  • Medical equipment
  • Greenhouse panels
  • Lights
  • Signals
  • Safety glasses
  • Windshields
  • Windows
  • Power tools
  • Business machines

Polycarbonate adds style without compromising strength. You can rely on polycarbonate sheets from Regal Plastics to get the job done.

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