Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

As the only Master Distributor of Polygal in the southern United States, we have the ability to carry a wide range of multiwall polycarbonate products that can’t be found elsewhere. The lightweight, transparent plastic has become a staple material for greenhouses, patio / pergola covers, and commercial roofing.

To assist customers in navigating through the different product lines, we organize the material into three different categories.

  1. Polygal Standard Grade – These product lines are most commonly used for residential patio / pergola covers as well as residential and commercial interior design applications.
  2. Greenhouse Sheets - We offer multiwall sheets that are specifically designed for different greenhouse applications whether you’re a backyard hobbyist or commercial grower.
  3. Architectural Sheets – These multiwall sheets are thicker with more internal bracing. Perfect for commercial covers and roofing projects.

No matter what sheet you pick it will come standard with a 10-year warranty. All of our multiwall products are designed with a UV protective layer to ensure a long life-span outside without becoming yellow or brittle. When it is time to replace the material, the LEAD certified sheets are 100% recyclable. Multi-wall polycarbonate has excellent thermal insulation, creating an environment that is more comfortable and energy efficient.

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