Greenhouse Multiwall Polycarbonate

Polygal has been used in greenhouse construction for many years. It offers a more durable and long-term solution than plastic film. The structured sheets can withstand wind and snow loads so they can remain in use year-round. All Polygal sheets come standard with a ten-year warranty, and once installed, are virtually maintenance free allowing you to concentrate on growing, not worrying about your greenhouse. 

We offer multiwall sheets that are specifically designed for different greenhouse applications. We have different sheet options available for the backyard hobbyist all the way to large commercial growers.

If you are a professional grower or serious hobbyist growing plants from seeds, check out Polymatte. It offers 100% light diffusion and does not block heat.

If you are wanting to maintain plants in a dual space area like a patio or garden center, look into Polycoolite. It manipulates the light spectrum to promote photosynthesis while blocking heat.

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