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Custom Plastic Welding

As a trusted partner for countless customers working throughout multiple industries, Regal Plastics has earned a top reputation for providing customized plastic welding that stands the test of time. When optimum strength, leak-proof containment and specialized service are essential, Regal is the only name you need to remember.

We take special pride in our ability to provide welds created to last. Backed by extensive knowledge, experience and certifications, our expert professionals are able to deliver specialized, tailored service that surpasses the capabilities of any other provider.

Advantages of Welding Plastic vs. Metal

When properly utilized, plastic outperforms alternatives in flow, containment and manufacturing processes. Regal can custom cut and weld polypropylene plastic according to your exact specifications, creating structures that offer numerous benefits over steel and other materials. Chemically-resistant and corrosion-proof, our welded plastics offer several advantages, including:

  • FDA approved for fresh water tanks
  • No odors or tastes
  • Corrosion-resistant, unlike aluminum and stainless steel
  • Both interior and exterior are extrusion welded
  • Interior baffles can be installed
  • Maintenance free
  • Easily cleaned

Plastic Welding Process

Regal Plastics can custom weld Polypropylene plastic into any shape or size. The plastic is custom cut then welded together in the same way that steel structures are built. This welding process, unlike glue or screws, the welding process yields reliable, water-tight containers that offer superior strength, durability and longevity. Plastic materials are also less expensive than other options, resulting in cost-effective products that look great for years on end.

Backed by decades of knowledge and expertise, Regal's team of experts has the ability to provide custom welding for unique projects and special orders. Whether you need help with a single custom job or a high-volume order of welded plastic products, we’re your ideal partner for affordable, expert solutions. Contact our office to learn more.

Call, fax or email your dimensions for a free custom plastic welding quote. 

Custom Register Stand

Custom Plastic Welding Register Stand

These mobile Cash Register stands are made of 3/4” thick tan Sanalite, a HDPE sheet with a texture. The texture will hide scratches, it is easily cleaned, the Sanalite is approved for food contact, it could be sprayed with a water hose and will not rot. This unit will last many years.

1/2" Polypro Plastic: Acid Parts Washer

Custom Plastic Welding Acid Parts Washer

A customer had extremely dirty metal parts in good condition that could not be reused and had to be replaced with expensive new parts. They wanted to use hydrochloric acid to clean the parts. Tanks were built of 1/2" thick Polypro plastic for it's ability not to corrode when exposed to acid. It was welded to the customer's specifications and was equipped with a temperature gauge, circulation pumps and overflow valves.The cost of the custom tanks will be quickly returned by the cost savings by re-using the metal parts.

Expanded Poly Tank

Custom Plastic Expanded Poly Tank

An existing tank was cut down in length and additional height was added making a taller/deeper tank. 2" square steel tubing was encapsulated with Poly Pro to keep the steel from rusting and to provide reinforcement to the sidewalls.The tubing adds strength to the outside wall to keep it from breaking open

3/4" Welded HDPE Sheet to Meet Deadline

Custom Welded HDPE Sheet

Due to a long lead time to get 2 - 3/4" x 60" x 120" HDPE sheets two smaller sheets were welded to create a large enough sheet to meet the customer's product needs and deadline.A V-groove was cut and then the groove was welded together with HDPE welding rod and a specialized welder. The oversized sheet was delivered in time and the customer had a strong sheet for his application.

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