Plexiglass Intubation Box

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These plastic intubation boxs are produced in-house to help meet the growing demand for workers and essential employees. They are fabricated with a lightweight plastic that can be cleaned and re-used. It offers a level of protection when interacting with people face-to-face.

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Plexiglass Intubation Box Overview

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With assistance from medical professionals, Regal Plastics has fabricated plexiglass intubation boxes. These custom acrylic (plexiglass) aerosol boxes add another level of protection for doctors intubating patients with the Coronavirus. The risk of transmittance can be high when intubating and this protective intubation box reduces the risk of spreading the virus to other individuals in the room. It can also keep the supplies and equipment near the patient more sanitary. With the current, shortage of PPE, this is an effective way to offer another barrier. 

Our intubation box is an open-source box with 1/4 inch plexiglass and an extra layer of plastic sheeting below the base - all for added protection. This box can be placed directly over the patient, providing complete coverage, with the addition of a mask, for the medical professional. For installation and use guidelines, watch our video below.

Each intubation box is produced in house by our fabrication department. We are doing our best to keep material in stock and lead times low. Call or text 972.342.1645 with questions about the material or to learn more about our contact-free installations. If you would like to order several units, ask about our bulk discounts. 

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