SkyPoly (MultiWall) Comparison Chart

Not sure which type of polygal sheet is needed? Use the chart below to find your application, multiwall characteristics, and benefits.

SkyPoly Sheet Comparison Chart

Polygal 6mm, 8mm, 10mm multi-wall polycarbonate Residential patio covers, privacy panels, residential / commercial greenhouse, sign substrate, office partitions, ceiling panel, skylights, interior walls, lighting panels UV protectant layer, blocks heat, lightweight
Topgal 8mm and 20mm Standing-seam panel system Residential patio covers, light to medium commercial roof, skylights, walk way cover, canopy, Increased rigidity, thermal insulation, strength, and solar heat control than standard sheets
Titan Sky 16mm Five walls, cross-braced structure Commercial roofs, canopy, skylights, walk way covers Twice as strong and stiff as the equivalent standard polycarbonate sheet, without extra weight.
Thermogal 32mm Sheet with 11 walls, X-brace multi-layer structure Premium commercial roof, low-pitched roofs, cladding and glazing in closed structures with large span openings and high insulation requirements, skylights Class B, CC1 Fire Rating, Excellent SHGC, Controlled daylight transmission, premier thermal insulation
Primalite Glazing added to 16mm Titan Sky sheets Large span structures, common areas, commercial roof, canopy, skylights Blocks infared rays for decreased cooling costs
Selectogal RFX 16mm Unique ridged sheet structure Signage, displays, office partitions, indoor / outdoor decorative element, accent walls Energy savings through effective heat screening and insulation.
Polycoolite Glazing added to 8mm polygal sheets Residential greenhouse, Dual space (like garden centers) Light spectrum altering technology - supplies plants natural solar light
Polymatte 8mm sheet with a specialty haze Greenhouse for professional growers or serious hobbyist, displays 100% light diffusion for optimal plant growth and decreased watering
Triple Clear 8mm triple layers Residential greenhouse, small - medium span cover Increased strength and structure from the standard grade
Polygal Freeze 6mm sheet with a unique texture Displays, dividers, office partitions Frosted like appearance to offer increased privacy without sacrificing light

Product Search By Application

This is a Quick Reference Guideline listing the most popular products used for various applications. SkyPoly sheets may be used for other applications than listed above. Click here to discuss your specific requirements with the Regal Plastics Sales Consultants. Scroll to the right to see polygal products and down to see more applications.

Polygal StandardPolygal StandardTopgalTopgalTitan SkyPrimaliteSelectogal RFXPolycoolitePolymatteTriple ClearPolygal FreezeThermogal
THICKNESS 6mm 16mm 8mm 20mm 16mm 16mm 16mm 8mm 8mm 8mm 6mm 32mm
Basic Residential Patio Covers 8mm / 10mm
Premium Residential Patio Covers X X
Residential Privacy Panels X
Residential Greenhouse 8mm Clear X X X
Light to Medium Commercial Roof X X
Premium Commercial Roof X X X X
Canopy X X X X X
Clerestory X X
Walk Way Cover X X X X
Sign Substrate X X X
Interior Walls 10mm X x
Project requires extra high insulation value X
Office partitions X X x
Skylights X X X X X X
Elevator Backlit Ceiling Panel 8mm White
Display / Trade Show Companies X X X X X X
Light Residential Greenhouse 8mm Clear X
Commercial Greenhouse 8mm Clear X
Base & Cap System fastened to Rafters X X X X X X X X X X
Panel Brackets fastened to Purlins X X