Polymatte is a transparent multi-wall polycarbonate designed for greenhouse applications with the professional grower or serious hobbyist in mind.

  • Other Names: Polygal Polymatte

  • Pros: 100% Light Diffusion, High Thermal Insulation, 15 Year Warranty

  • Common Applications: Greenhouse (Commercial and Residential)

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    Polymatte is the next generation of greenhouse material specifically designed with 100% light diffusion. Agricultural research has shown that plants utilize diffused light better than direct light. Plants that are exposed to direct light primarily make food in just their top leaves, but with diffused light, all the leaves are able to receive light, thus maximizing photosynthesis and creating a healthier growing environment.

     Polymatte is a structured multiwall polycarbonate sheet, and offers a long-term option to plastic sheeting that can withstand wind and snow loads. Plus, the sheets offer excellent thermal insulation, reducing your energy costs. Once your Polymatte is installed, it’s virtually maintenance free, so you can concentrate on growing.

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    Additional Information

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