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Regal Plastics offers the following types of PVC:

  • PVC Rigid Foam PVC
  • Type 1 PVC Sheet
  • Type 1 PVC Rod & Tube
  • Rigid Foam PVC

PVC Tea Display

Attention getting POP displays

Suitable for a virtually unlimited range of applications, PVC is one of the oldest and most developed synthetic materials that will fit the requirements for a multitude of applications, from substrates for graphics, point-of-purchase displays and backers for channel letters, to wood replacement.

Characteristics and Benefits

  • Chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Moisture resistance, low water absorption
  • Low flammability (UL-940VO) - perfect for trade shows and exhibit halls
  • Thermal and sound insulation - absorbs vibrations and oscillations
  • Matte finish that readily accepts most inks, paints and vinyls
  • Easy fabrication with most common tools
  • Bonds easily to similar and various other substrates
  • Suitable for the majority of interior applications; can be used in limited exterior applications.

Type 1 PVC

Type 1 PVC Fabricators & Specifiers Benefits
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