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Product Description

Other names: BiColor Acrylic

Pros: Will not delaminate, Wide range of colors and opacities, easy to fabricate

Common Applications: Interior Design, Art Installations, Sculpture


Product Details

Regal2Color is the designer or artist’s dream acrylic. The cast acrylic is produced as a single sheet with two layers, a clear layer and a layer of color. The material is available in a wide range of colors and opacities that remain a consistent thickness throughout the sheet. Regal2COLOR can be cut and bent to create unique sculptural effects for indoor applications like:

  • Furniture
  • Sculptures
  • Accent walls
  • Displays

regal2COLOR is a monolithic block. The clear and colored acrylic layers are attached when the material is still in the molten phase. Since it is one block, it doesn’t have the internal defects of similar cemented products, and it maintains its ability to be CNC machined, polished, bent, and glued like a standard sheet of acrylic without any risk of the material delaminating. Standard regal2COLOR is better suited for indoor applications as it does not have a UV protective coating. However, for outdoor installs, a custom sheet can be ordered with UV protection built into the sheet.

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Regal recycled 82,146 lbs. of plastic.

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