RegalCHIZEL (Chiseled Acrylic Sheets)

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Common Names: Chiseled acrylic

Pros: Hand chiseled in-house

Popular Applications: Dividers, furniture, sign & display

regalCHIZEL is created by hand chiseling a sheet of acrylic (plexiglass). It creates a unique textured effect perfect for restaurants and commercial spaces.

Originally, regalCHIZEL was used primarily for dividers and accent walls in restaurants and office buildings. The chiseled texture offered a high-end effect while still allowing natural light to filter through. From there, customers starting adding chiseled features to their custom fabrication products like podiums, signage, and furniture. Since each of our chiseled sheets are created in house, we have the ability to add texture to part of a sheet.

Each sheet of regalCHIZEL is hand chiseled in house so you pick the color and thickness to fit your project. Minimum thickness is ½”. Clear is the most popular color choice, but we will chisel any color. If your application requires a thinner or pre-made sheet, check out regalRAIN or our frosted sheets.

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