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Accent Walls and Partitions Around the Home

Regal Plastics offers custom fabrication of accent walls and privacy enclosures for homes. Our accent walls offer flexible, unique design that will enhance any space in your home, whether it is a privacy panel, room divider or patio enclosure. We specialize in manufacturing decorative or architectural walls that are functional.

Our fabrication specialists work with home owners, architects, designers and contractors and can work with a hand-drawn sketch or detailed drawing to create the wall you envision. We provide fabricated walls using plastics and other materials to create the look, texture and feel you want for your home.

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Ideas for Designing Wall Partitions

  • Interior room dividers
  • Interior and exterior accent walls
  • Privacy screens for studio apartments, small spaces and bathrooms
  • Exterior privacy walls or enclosures for patios, hot tubs and yards

Regal Plastics can fabricate your wall using a combination of plastic, wood and metal for a unique, custom design. The plastic materials we use are polygal, standard and custom acrylic.

Types of Plastic & Color Options

  • Polygal is available in over 10 colors, standard acrylic in over 20 colors and custom acrylic in unlimited colors
  • Most of the plastic materials are transparent or translucent, allowing natural light to filter through the wall, reducing the need for artificial light and also producing decorative lighting effects based on the color and opacity of the wall. Opaque plastics are available for walls that will provide privacy.

We pre-manufacture most walls so they are ready for installation. We can also install the walls on-site.

Regal Plastics custom fabricated accent walls and enclosures provide a unique decorative accent to your home or outdoor space that will continue to retain its appearance even in outdoor environments. Call today to see how we can enhance your space.

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