SkyPoly RFX

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Product Description

Multi-layered polycarbonate panel designed for indoor and outdoor use

  • Other Names: Selectogal RFX
  • Common Applications: UV protection, lightweight, energy saving
  • Pros: Roofing, dividers, wall panels
  • SkyPoly RFX Overview

    Product Details

    RFX is an advanced roofing panel solution with a natural energy saving design. Its patented prism design regulates heat in both warm and cold weather conditions. The exterior layer's unique prismatic design reflects away most of the sun's radiation in hot weather, significantly decreasing the amount of heat penetrating into the structure's interior. While in cooler weather, RFX actually magnifies the sunlight penetrating the panels to increase the warming effect. Plus, it is lightweight, easy to install, and easy to clean, and once installed, it requires minimal maintenance.  

    These panels are suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications including: 

    • Skylights 
    • Accent panels 
    • Office dividers 
    • Roofing panels 
    • Atriums 
    • Commercial patio covers 
    • Decorative accents 
    • Signage 

        If you are looking for a great option for backlighting, check out the RFX non-glare. It diffuses light and prevents those dreaded hotspots. 

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