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What are some of the characteristics of Sign, PVC & Graphic films that make them so versatile? They are opaque, translucent, transparent or reflective films that are designed for computer cutting.

Sign Vinyl Applications

  • Front and back-lit signage
  • Point of purchase graphics
  • Exhibit display
  • Vehicle graphics

These films come in a range of grades which exhibit varying levels of durability, flexibility, conformity, aesthetics and color appearances. Sign Vinyls are available in a variety of lengths, widths and punch patterns that make it easy to process these products on virtually all sign cutting equipment.

Opaque Films

Generally opaque films fall in two categories, Premium and Intermediate. Premium films have longer durability, greater color stability and more conformity. Films using PVC technology are included in the premium category. Intermediate films are generally calendered PVC films and generally exhibit less durability, and less conformity than the Premium products. Both are offered in a large variety of colors. Cast PVC films are easier to color match and can be made in smaller batches that allow for lower minimum order quantities.

In addition to the two categories, FDC sign films also are available in Translucent, Reflective and Specialty varieties.

Intermediate Film

Regal Plastics offers Intermediate Ultra High Gloss Vinyl Film.
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Premium Film

Regal Plastics offers Premium Cast Vinyl Film.
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Reflective Film

Regal Plastics offers Intermediate Ultra High Gloss (Reflective) Vinyl Film.
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Special Application Film

Regal Plastics offers a range of FDC Specialty film products.
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Translucent Film

Regal Plastics offers Premium Translucent Vinyl Film.
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