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Product Description

Common Names: Thermogal Super 32 

Material Pros: Thermal insulation, durable, energy efficient  

Popular Applications: Low-pitched roofs, cladding, glazing 


Product Details

Thermogal™ Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet combines highly effective polycarbonate thermal insulation with extra strength for low-pitch roofing. 

Thermogal is a virtually unbreakable multiwall sheet designed with eleven walls and a unique inner X-brace system. This gives the sheets the strength and rigidity to be a no-leak roofing solution for low pitch roofing on medium to large span structures. The material can withstand wind and snow loads while still remaining lightweight and easy to install.  

Thermogal is commonly used to cover commercial patios, atriums, sun rooms, and walkways. The transparent material allows in natural light while maintaining a more comfortable environment. Each sheet has a Class B, CC1 Fire rating and comes standard with a ten year warranty.  

Not sure Thermogal is right for your project? Speak to our onsite architectural specialist. They will be happy to help pick the right multiwall for your project.  

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