Titan Sky

Titan Sky

  • Common Names: Plazit Titan Sky 

  • Material Pros: Thermal insulation, increased strength and rigidity, 10-year warranty 

  • Popular Applications: Stadiums, greenhouses, large commercial covers 

  • Titan Sky is a multiwall polycarbonate with increased strength and rigidity. It offers a solution for medium to large span structures that have to account for wind, snow, or hail.  

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Titan Sky has five walls and an internal cross-braced structure to create a multiwall sheet that is twice as strong as its standard Polygal cousin. It offers increased thermal insulation and UV protection while still allowing in natural light. The sheets are lightweight and easy to handle making the material a roofing solution for applications like:  

  • Sports complexes 
  • Stadiums 
  • Swimming pools 
  • Commercial covers 
  • Outdoor dining areas 
  • Atriums 
  • Walkways and skywalks  
Additional Information

Additional Information

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