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Regal Plastics is the trusted source of durable, affordable wholesale plastic sheets in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses, materials and colors. We offer the materials you want, including:

Custom plastic fabrication from Regal Plastics

Custom Plastic Fabrication for Your Needs

Backed by years of experience, Regal Plastics provides a full selection of custom plastic fabrication services. We deliver the best quality, value and turn-around times in the business. You can depend on our plastic sheet fabrication for the results you need. Our services include:

Food and Beverage
Exhibit, Event, & Tradeshow
Nationwide Shipping

Shipping anywhere within the continental United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Personalized Service

Flexible solutions for whatever your business needs.

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Get a quote in hours,
not days.


Knowledge backed by
50+ years in business

Your Comprehensive Plastic Supply Partner

Regal Plastics delivers the wholesale plastic sheets you need when you need them. Whether you want our custom plastic fabrication or distribution services, you can rely on us for the quality and dependability your plastic fabrication project demands. Contact us today and learn everything that Regal Plastics can do for you.

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Wholesale Plastic FAQs

What are plastic fabrications?

Plastic fabrications refer to the processes and techniques used to design, create, and assemble products or components from plastic materials. It involves a range of methods including cutting, bending, joining, and molding.

What is the strongest plastic building material?

Polycarbonate is often considered one of the strongest plastic building materials. It's known for its high impact resistance, transparency, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

What is an alternative to polycarbonate sheets?

An alternative to polycarbonate sheets is acrylic (often known as Plexiglass or Perspex). Acrylic sheets offer similar clarity to polycarbonate but are less impact-resistant. However, they are more scratch-resistant, easier to cut, and generally more affordable.

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