Parks, Playground, & Recreation

Wood and metal are rapidly being replaced by HDPE in a wide range of recreational applications including climbing walls, benches, playground equipment, table tops, and signage.  


HDPE will not warp, fade, or splinter, combining longevity with safety. The sheets are UV protected and moisture resistant with expansive weather testing. We have material available that is recyclable and available in post-consumer material upon request. Customers can expect color and texture consistency from materials even across multiple batches.  Our most popular HDPE for outdoor recreational areas include:  


Playboard: This HDPE is available in a wide range of bright colors that are scratch resistant and will not fade, even with extended outdoor use! This material is durable and easy to fabricate, so installers can round corners and remove any sharp edges. The safety features and bright colors make it a perfect pick for playgrounds and children’s recreation areas. 


Signboard: This unique HDPE material has a contrasting color core, so you can quickly CNC router outdoor signage that is easy to read and low maintenance. The material will not delaminate and is UV protected making it the ideal choice for local playgrounds, national parks, and anything between. 


Our in-house fabrication department can cut your sheet to size or CNC route the perfect shape. Reach out today to discuss your custom project. 

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