Bullet Resistant Plastic Sheets

Our bullet resistant windows offer ballistic and forced entry protection. Even after multiple impacts, the material maintains its integrity and clarity as the plastic will not spider web from the point of impact. We keep UL level 1 and UL level 3 sheets in stock. 


Bullet Resistant Acrylic

  • UL Level 1  
  • More cost-effective than BR laminate  
  • Attractive finish – (polished edges and excellent clarity) 


Bullet Resistant Laminate

  • UL Levels 1-3 (depending on thickness)  
  • Can use a thinner sheet than bullet resistant acrylic to achieve the same level of protection.   


Our onsite fabrication department can create custom windows for banks, convenience stores, and government buildings that are both attractive and effective. We offer cut-to-size, CNC routing, and edge finishing for applications including: 

  • Bullet resistant windows 
  • Bank windows 
  • Pass through windows 
  • Safety glass 
  • Ticket windows 
  • Systematic ticket window 
  • Gun ports 
  • Blast shields
  • Package receivers 
  • Baffle windows  

Reach out to our team of industry experts to discuss your project. Whether you need a bulk order or custom fabrication, we’ve got a custom solution. 



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