Textured Plexiglass

Discover the versatility of textured plexiglass at Regal Plastics. Our offerings include matte and patterned plexiglass sheets, each bringing distinct benefits suitable for your diverse needs. Whether you're seeking cost-effective solutions, or specific patterns to elevate your project, our textured plexiglass ensures something for every application. Dive into a world of options with our textured plexiglass sheets, all designed to combine aesthetics with functionality. Order today and experience the unmatched quality and variety we bring to the table.

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Textured Plexiglass With Plenty of Benefits

The ability to blend form and function often distinguishes the exceptional from the everyday. Textured plexiglass from Regal Plastics represents the ideal combination that makes your design dreams a reality. Our textured plexiglass sheets provide a wide range of benefits, including:

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  • Aesthetic elegance: One of the standout features of Regal Plastics' textured plexiglass is the depth and richness they bring to any space. The textures, ranging from subtle to pronounced, can elevate the aesthetics of interiors, offering designers a tactile and visually arresting canvas.
  • Diffused lighting: The textured finish on these plexiglass sheets plays with light in captivating ways. When used in spaces with significant light exposure, the sheets can scatter and soften light, creating a serene ambiance that is both functional and mood-enhancing.
  • Increased Privacy: While clear plexiglass sheets are excellent for transparency, the textured variants offer a degree of obscurity. This makes them perfect for partition screens, bathroom fixtures or any setting where a balance between light penetration and privacy is desired.
  • Durability with style: Our textured plexiglass sheets resist scratches, impact and weathering, ensuring longevity while maintaining their distinctive visual appeal.
  • Ease of fabrication: Unlike glass, our textured plexiglass is easy to manipulate. This allows for seamless cutting, drilling and shaping, enabling custom designs without shattering.

Textured Plexiglass Sheets for a Wide Range of Applications

The beauty of our textured plexiglass sheets lies not just in their appearance but also in their adaptability. They can be used in architectural designs, furniture, light fixtures, signage and even art installations. Their diverse range ensures a texture and style suitable for every vision. Other applications include:

  • Table tops
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Cabinets
textured plexiglass

Cost-Effective Textured Plexiglass

Wholesale textured plexiglass offers cost efficiencies compared to other premier materials. Its durability also means less frequent replacements, leading to long-term savings. Plus, our textured plexiglass sheets are a cinch to clean. You just need a lint-free microfiber towel and a solution of mild dish soap to keep your sheets looking new. A plastic-specific cleaner like Brillianize or Novus is also a great choice.

Textured Plexiglass Sheets That Offer Options

With textured plexiglass sheets from Regal Plastics, you get a wealth of options. Whether you want matte or patterned plexiglass, we have something just right for your application. We offer six colors and up to three finish options, and you can choose from an array of lengths. You also get your choice of thicknesses, ranging from 0.06" to 1", depending on your desired color.

Frequently Asked Questions About Textured Plexiglass

Regal Plastics is a go-to source of textured plexiglass and is well-situated to answer your questions. Read on for the details you want.

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Order Textured Plexiglass Sheets From Regal Plastics

You can't beat our quality and attention to detail. We offer textured plexiglass sheets in the patterns, lengths and thicknesses you need. Plus, we back all of our products with unparalleled customer service. Shop today and experience the Regal Plastics difference.


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