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Work doesn't have to suck.

A Note from Our Chief Executive Officer:

Unfortunately, we live in a world where most companies only care about one thing, more and more profits. They exist for some endless pursuit of an arbitrary number. MORE. MORE. MORE. What if we focused on the happiness of our employees instead of more and more profits? Would then, the profits follow?


We all know that businesses need money to expand and invest, to stay healthy, and to pay and promote their amazing people. But existing as a business just for the sole purpose of making more money (so owners and executives can buy bigger boats), seems trite. It seems, how would I say this…uninspiring.


How does a business go about making a difference in this world? Because if we are gonna all do this work thing together – let’s make a freaking difference! So, this is what we believe: Work doesn’t have to suck.


Employees leaving HAPPY. SMILING. Encouraged. Motivated. Valued. Supported. Challenged - By their peers and their bosses.

Think of what it would do to their mind? The peace. No more stress. Not more internal struggle. No more anxiety. Think of how this would impact their friends and families!! Now, think if every business in the world did this. Wow. What an impact! If our people are our greatest asset, then why don’t we spend more time prioritizing them?


      • Love what you do.
  • Love who you do it with.
  • Feel like you have a voice.
  • Feel like you make an impact.
  • Make damn good money.
  • Have lots of time off work for friends, family, and other hobbies.


Work not sucking is a big damn deal to us. Bigger than anything else. Bigger than the profits. Here’s some other stuff that’s a big freaking deal to us:


  • Shared goals and a team atmosphere (we win together)
  • Treating each other with respect
  • Attitude, energy, & enthusiasm for life
  • Leading with compassion and empathy (because we are all going through invisible battles)
  • Giving people the benefit of the doubt
  • Encouragement. The praise to criticism ratio should be 6:1 !!!
  • Holding one another accountable (because we all need accountability)
  • Working hard. Old school worth ethic
  • Being Challenged! (Because we all need that push from someone we love)
  • Humility
  • Being real. being raw. Being authentic. Being YOU!


Here’s some stuff we hate:


  • Big egos
  • Bureaucracy
  • Fake
  • Political correctness
  • Super formal dress codes
  • Peeps that are afraid to be wrong
  • People without an original thought


Oh yah, and we don’t hire the resume. We hire the attitude. That’s a big one!


So yah, that’s us as authentically as possible. It’s not some bs strategy to look good for customers or to attract the best talent. It’s just what we believe deep inside our hearts. We can’t not be this way. It’s who we are, and we are damn proud of it.  This is the stuff that continues to energize us every single day. Seeing our people walk out the door after 8 hours with a smile on their face…oh baby gimme THAT!




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